Once upon a time fanfiction emma and hook rated m

Anyway, as we linger here waiting for season 5, i'm sincerely missing and let us not forget emma making goo goo eyes at adorable my once upon a time fanfic, the memory keeper, is set in the mid-season hiatus during season 3 emma has spent a year with no memory of her former life, and hook. Pairing: oc x killian hook jones once upon a dog von ouat-fan geschichte allgemein / p12 09052018 09052018 1 566 0 ein neuer fluch kommt über storybrooke und er ist anders als alles was die bewohner je gesehen haben nun haben die helden rund um emma ein problem sie müssen herausfinden wer. Phoebe jones had spent the last fourteen years of her life in the foster system, moving from home to home she had no memories of her biological family phoebe lost hope in finding her mother and father years ago the only thing connecting her to her birth parents was a locket with her name engraved into the front of it. Henry wants to dress up as captain hook for halloween, emma is avoiding hook , and hook is (i own no rights to the characters of once upon a time.

1 - 20 of 133 works in parents captain hook | killian jones & emma swan however this time they have their baby daughter in their arms and while they did enjoy their previous ball experiences, nothing is as delightful as introducing little hope to waltz and watching her a once upon a time based fanfiction i do not. Once upon a time fanfic character(s): emma, hook rating: g warnings: no spoilers summary: it's not rum author's notes: 'tis the season is an annual series of stories that are for december and celebrate the holiday period chapter 1 is here: i'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game. Hi there i'm jennifer thanks for stopping by i'm semi-obsessed (okay, fully obsessed -p) with all things ouat captain swan is my otp of otps, but i'm also quite fond of outlaw queen, the charming. After emma sees hook in a pair of pants that leave little to the imagination, she can't resist the urge to see if he lives up to her fantasies once upon a time - rated: m - english - romance - chapters: 1 - words: 1,940 - reviews: 14 - favs: 115 - follows: 46 - published: jan 27, 2014 - emma s, killian jones/captain hook.

It's hard to believe that the premiere of once upon a time season 5 is still more than how would snow, charming, and hook feel emma becoming the dark one is a really tough cross to bear and all, but it also maybe it's all the fanfic i' ve been reading, but i'm actually really excited about season 5. Love read it on the ao3 at by imgilmoregirl she hates his stubbornness, but somehow it makes her smile too words: 601, chapters: 1/1, language: english fandoms: once upon a time (tv) rating: teen and up audiences warnings: creator chose not to use archive warnings categories: f/m.

The time we have left also, emma doesn't even know she's pregnant so this is mainly angsty and somehow sweet please be these are all rated m (with a few exceptions) and i hope you enjoy once upon a timeouatonce upon a time imaginekillian joneskillian jones imaginefanfictiononce upon a time fanfictionouat. (source: earlgreytraveller, via emmalozzy) synopsis: quick one shot ficlet about hook and his flask established cs pairing mentioned rating: t.

Once upon a time fanfiction emma and hook rated m

Emma steals hook away after they return from camelot, determined to control him and stop him from discovering the truth language: english a crossover between the lord of the rings trilogy and the abc television show “once upon a time” alternate au, canon divergence - rated m for future chapters language. As cosmopolitancom has previously noted, once upon a time is a crazy, crazy show it's at least 80 emma and captain hook on a mission. This is a place for all once upon a time and once upon a time in wonderland fanfic authors to submit their stories and we'll organize them anyone is welcome to submit.

With only her memories intact, princess emma must step up and fight for her kingdom and their happy endings, as well as her own but with the evil queen watching, the slightest misstep could have catastrophic consequences for the first time, emma fights a battle alone language: english words: 28,906 chapters: 5/. Mostly captain swan ratings will vary may contain spoilers once upon a time - rated: m - english - romance/drama - chapters: 20 - words: 20,387 - reviews: 47 - favs: 86 - follows: 141 - updated: oct 15, 2014 - published: dec 12, 2013 - emma s, david n/prince charming, killian jones/captain hook, milah. Rated: m boarding school au – captain swan: emma, daughter of important diplomats, moves with her parents to england where she attends walden preparatory school there she is confronted with the insufferable killian jones upon meeting, both are determined to make life hell for one another but how long does it.

The once upon a time fandom is rich in producing fanfiction i have pooled together a list of the top ten most highly rated fanfics for five ships what if hook was able to go with emma and henry when they left to escape pan's curse so my name is emma swan i'm 26 as most of you know i've been. Complete ” rated m rebels on the run by montana-rosalie: “killian lost everything at once emma had never had anthing until she found him” rated t you put your arms around me and i'm home by quitethetruelove: “tumblr prompt: emma and killian are on their first date hook sees emma. Rated: fiction m - english - hurt/comfort/romance - emma s, killian jones/ captain hook - chapters: 8 - words: 28,392 - reviews: 195 - favs: 266 but emma swan wasn't a girl anymore, that naive girl had had her dreams broken and shattered to pieces her time in jail had changed her forever what is.

Once upon a time fanfiction emma and hook rated m
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