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The super fluke is a truly amazing bait one would really have to fish with this wonder to understand texas rig it without a weight, and twitch or soft jerk on the surface, then let it slowly fall to a few feet deep, and repeat bass just react when they see this bait in action the just can't stand it this bait is very effective when. Zoom salty super fluke - the zoom salty super fluke plastic baits these fluke plastic baits are realistic and soft to the touch. The deep belly of the super fluke causes it to dart, glide and knuckleball through the water, while its universal baitfish size allows it to tempt both limit-sized bass and the biggest fish on your lake rigged weightless, it skitters across the surface like an injured shad, but a belly- weighted hook or some insert weights allow you. I think most anglers know of zoom's super salty fluke known for its this technique adds to the list of uses for the fluke, and turns it into a saltwater power fishing mainstay many times blue fish can snag your bait and cut the line with their teeth and other times you could hook a monster that just is too big for your set up. Find the perfect fishing hooks for any type of plastic bait magnum super fluke 7 senko iguana 10 lizard yum 10 mighty worm 7 ocho 7 dinger 4 lizard 4 hog baits zoom u-tail worms zoom super fluke jr creature style baits. Bigger lure = bigger fish but just last month, zoom also recently came out with the zoom mag super fluke it's 7″ long vs the 5 1/4″ long super fluke i can't wait to get my hands on some of those try it out to attract bigger fish as with most soft baits, the super fluke doesn't come with a hook i was taught to.

Capt tim cutting of st simons -island, georgia, claims that soft-plastic jerkbaits are his favorite redfish baits “i love using the 5-inch zoom salty super fluke it's easy to rig with a weedless gamakatsu ewg (-extra wide gap) worm hook, and it's deadly around grass edges, docks, oysters and snags where. I prefer zoom's super fluke for my soft jerkbait applications rigging: nose hook the bait, weightless, on a 3/0-#1 wide gap finesse hook. Soft jerk baits are known fish catchers and the salty super fluke from zoom baits is try the zoom super flukes anytime you need a quiet baitfish imitation i like to use a 2/0 round worm hook and tx rig them i find that jr get more bites.

Amazoncom : zoom bait 7-inch magnum super fluke bait-pack of 5 (albino) : fishing soft plastic lures : sports gamakatsu weighted superline spring hook. Zoom salty super fluke, watermelon seed: pack of 10 belly features slot for hook salt-impregnated zoom bait available colors: albino shad, arkansas shiner,. The pronounced belly and split tail of this soft jerkbait add a realistic look that bass just can't resist it darts and p. This bait comes with a belly hook slot for simple rigging and ma we recommend fishing weightless with a jerk, jerk, pause retrieve, or fish this with a belly weighted ewg hook to take it down below the surface the rad i normally use a zoom super fluke as my go to bait, but from here on out i will be using this instead.

While at the store i found the new zoom bait company swimmin super fluke the swimmin fluke has the classic (st#: 07415) one of the great things about it is that you can rig it texas style, but since you can run it on top, keep the hook point out and exposed the hooking ratio per strike is actually. Got this on a zoom fluke bubble gum color, drop shotting with a 3/8 weight1/0 worm hook on 12# fluro carbon line [​img] i typically use flukes anywhere from 5 - 7 on a hd 5/0 screwlock worm hook, rigged weedless i like to use a zoom super fluke in the baitfish, pearl, or smokin' shad colors. Black (1) blue fleck (1) gooseberry (1) green pumpkin candy (1) okeechobee craw (1) plum apple (1) south africa special (1) watermelon tomato (1) zoom lizard colors junebug (1) watermelon red (1) watermelon moondust (1) zoom super fluke colors goldfish (1) pro blue red pearl (1) green pumpkin (1.

The original soft jerkbait, the zoom super fluke is still one of the most thread the super fluke on the hook and secure it on the lure keeper or with a dap of. The circle hook sets automatically in the corner of a fish's mouth 90 percent of the time “i love using the 5-inch zoom salty super fluke. The swim' super fluke jr is a must in stained to muddy water where finesse is still the ticket but a little vibration will help the bass locate your bait which means more strikes downsizing your baits for finesse usually means downsizing the weights you use i rig the zoom fluke jr's with a quarter ounce or smaller sinker. Zoom super fluke (purple smoke), 2/0 straight shank hook, 3/8-oz dropshot weight, alpha angler dsr rod, daiwa exist 2510 reel (zpi handle), 15-lb mixing it in with the green weenie color, and when i went to order some more from zoom i asked if they could pour me some super flukes in purple smoke.

Zoom super fluke hook

Baitfish imitator deep belly features a hook slot and forked tail helps it to swoop and glide salt-impregnated super fluke jr: great when the regular super.

  • Learn how to rig the number one selling soft-plastic bait - the zoom super fluke making a slight adjustment in hook placement can cause the.
  • Zoom fat albert twin tail r 4778 r 5495 zoom finesse zoom finesse r 8691 r 9995 zoom fluke zoom fluke from r 3909 from r 4495 zoom horny toad zoom horny toad r 8257 r 9495 zoom lizzard zoom lizzard r 6083 r 6995 zoom magnum super fluke.

Super fluke - best • best colors seem to be shad type: • white, white with chartreuse glow tail, or white ice fish these colors most of the time and you will have good success • use darker colors (green) on dark days • fish what you have confidence in and you will catch more fish • what size hook to use use a 5 /0 wide. Full line of zoom soft plastic baits including the new z drop zoom lizards, trick worms, speed worms, fluke, super fluke, centipede, chunk, super hog, horny toads. 4 zoom fluke, 5 super fluke, 5 bass assassin shad, and 5 venom skip shads are all i love to texas rig soft jerk baits unweighted on offset hooks.

Zoom super fluke hook
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